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1. Desiring vengeance; vindictive: epidemics seen as acts of a vengeful God.
2. Characterized by or stemming from a desire for revenge: a vengeful attack by a spurned lover; vengeful anger.
3. Serving to exact vengeance: a vengeful sword.

venge′ful·ly adv.
venge′ful·ness n.
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Noun1.vengefulness - a malevolent desire for revengevengefulness - a malevolent desire for revenge  
malevolence, malignity - wishing evil to others
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The quality or condition of being vindictive:
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A prideful man, he never reined in her vengefulness, until it was too late.
"This shows Prime Minister Imran Khan is a captive of his own ego and self-centred politics that is based on vengefulness and hatred," said Aurangzeb in her statement.
Vengefulness, vindictiveness and hatred among rival supporters would be reduced, he added.
The demand of slicing a pound of flesh from Antonio's breast is transparently malign, and Shylock's vengefulness and obstinacy in refusing a more than just offer makes him unreasonable in the extreme.
It is true, as Kaplan says, that "trauma can never be 'healed' in the sense of a return to how things were before a catastrophe took place, or before one witnessed a catastrophe" (19), but it is crucial to support a culture of forgiveness instead of victimhood and vengefulness, as the latter hinder reconciliation and healing.
Indeed, the current conjuncture is distressing precisely because hate-mongering and vengefulness are the name of the game the world over.
By brushing against these other characters with his furry body, Dog mobilizes the feelings mapped onto him by Elizabeth Sawyer's vengefulness, not transmitting them through infection of the blood as the play's early metaphors suggest but freeing emotions already present in his victims, exacerbating them beyond the bounds of what is tolerable in Edmonton.
The statement said the family hoped the Benedictine order in charge of the site, which is marked by a 152-metre (500 ft) high cross, would prevent the state's "vengefulness", the papers said.
(94) Intrinsic religious orientation was negatively related to reported vengefulness (95) and punitiveness toward vigilantism, (96) suggesting that intrinsically religious individuals are less accepting of punishing wrongdoers.
Instead, the party was dominated by the vengefulness, arrogance, and impudence of a small group of friends of the chairman who were detached from the party base.
More the pity, today what one can see is a new media landscape that is ruled by vandalism, vengefulness and malice.
The impossibility of forgiveness: Shame fantasies as instigators of vengefulness in Euripides' Medea.