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a. Secreting and transmitting venom: a venomous snake.
b. Full of or containing venom: a venomous substance.
a. Malicious; spiteful: a venomous remark.
b. Harmful or destructive: "all the venomous ingredients of corruption" (Garry Wills).

ven′om·ous·ly adv.
ven′om·ous·ness n.
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Adv.1.venomously - in a very malevolent mannervenomously - in a very malevolent manner    
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بصورَةٍ سامَّه، بِحِقْدٍ وَضَغينَه


[ˈvenəməslɪ] ADV (fig) → con malignidad
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adv (fig)boshaft; look, saygiftig; venomously racistauf böse Weise rassistisch
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(ˈvenəm) noun
1. the poison produced by some snakes, scorpions etc, transmitted by biting or stinging. the venom of a cobra.
2. great ill-feeling, anger etc. He spoke with venom.
ˈvenomous adjective
1. (of snakes etc) poisonous. venomous reptiles.
2. (of people, their words etc) full of ill-feeling. a venomous speech.
ˈvenomously adverb
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"Your information maybe better than mine," Anna Pavlovna suddenly and venomously retorted on the inexperienced young man, "but I know on good authority that this doctor is a very learned and able man.
Hans hissed long and venomously. We could hear the great beast quaking in his cage.
Rivera's eyes burned venomously, but he made no sign of acknowledgment.
Kirke's sister whispered venomously in her friend's ear, "Thank God for to-day for Robert's sake." Mrs.
"What was it?" again demanded The Sheik, seizing the girl roughly by the hair and dragging her to her feet, where he shook her venomously. "What was it a picture of?"
A duel is not in your line, old man," Ferfitchkin hissed venomously.
Seeing Gania, he smiled venomously and muttered to himself, "Look at that!"
But the fighting man had some fight in him still; and scarcely had I grasped the situation when he hit out venomously behind with the bottle, which was smashed to bits on Raffles's shin.
Quick as a wink Robin sprang to his feet, and, at one bound, crossed the stream and the roadside, and plunged headlong into the thicket, without looking around, for he knew right well that that which had hissed so venomously beside his ear was a gray goose shaft, and that to tarry so much as a moment meant death.
The quick vision that his life was after all a failure, that he was a dishonored man, and must quail before the glance of those towards whom he had habitually assumed the attitude of a reprover--that God had disowned him before men and left him unscreened to the triumphant scorn of those who were glad to have their hatred justified--the sense of utter futility in that equivocation with his conscience in dealing with the life of his accomplice, an equivocation which now turned venomously upon him with the full-grown fang of a discovered lie:-- all this rushed through him like the agony of terror which fails to kill, and leaves the ears still open to the returning wave of execration.
"And the consternation," he added venomously. "Many of those men on that great morning had some one of their womankind with them.
"She loves no one except that preposterous advertising shark," he pursued venomously, but in a more deliberate manner.