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Noun1.Venthole - a hole for the escape of gas or airventhole - a hole for the escape of gas or air
air duct, air passage, airway - a duct that provides ventilation (as in mines)
hole - an opening deliberately made in or through something
smoke hole - a vent (as in a roof) for smoke to escape
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Briefly, the CS and NTHi + CS group mice were placed in a whole-body exposure sealed plastic box (chamber dimensions: 45 cm x 31 cm x 16 cm, made in lab) with 8 ventholes (d=5 mm) on top of the box for ventilation, 1 venthole on the side for connection to the smoke source (standardized 3R4F research cigarettes, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY).
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The preheater includes a carbon steel tubesheet venthole nozzle, which was originally located at the hot shell side inlet.
If Puhvel thinks that "consonant with technology, luttai was in the nature of a (shuttered) venthole of wood and (rarely) bronze," then it is inconceivable that [.sup.GIS]AB.MES-us arantes in broken context should mean "raised(?) windows." Hittite windows had no sashes and were not raised or lowered.
The SFs ([t.sub.s] = 1.413[D.sub.S]) were mainly used for DV in the upstream venthole unfitted zone {VUfZ (1)} with a length of [L.sub.1] (= 0.942[D.sub.S]) and the venthole fitted zone {VFZ (2)} with a length of [L.sub.2] (= 3.33 X 1.413[D.sub.S]) and an opening area for ventilation.