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v. ven·ti·lat·ed, ven·ti·lat·ing, ven·ti·lates
1. To admit or force fresh air into (a building or closed space, such as a mine) to replace stale or noxious air.
2. To circulate through and freshen: A sea breeze ventilated the rooms.
3. To provide with a vent, as for airing.
4. To expose (a substance) to the circulation of fresh air, as to retard spoilage.
5. To expose to public discussion or examination: The students ventilated their grievances.
6. To inhale and exhale (air, for example); breathe.
7. To keep (a person or animal) breathing by artificial means.
To breathe in and out; inhale and exhale.

[Middle English ventilaten, to blow away, from Latin ventilāre, ventilāt-, to fan, from ventulus, diminutive of ventus, wind; see wē- in Indo-European roots.]
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Adj.1.ventilated - exposed to air; "a well ventilated room"
unventilated - not ventilated; "stuffy unventilated rooms"
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adj room, buildingbelüftet; well/poorly ventilatedgut/schlecht belüftet
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Even the dungeon-like vaults beneath, now lighted and ventilated on the most approved modern plan, had been turned as if by magic into kitchens, servants' offices, ice-rooms, and wine cellars, worthy of the splendour of the grandest hotel in Italy, in the now bygone period of seventeen years since.
And thus Van Baerle was to have the most admirably fitted aspect, and, besides, a large, airy, and well ventilated chamber where to preserve his bulbs and seedlings; while he, Boxtel, had been obliged to give up for this purpose his bedroom, and, lest his sleeping in the same apartment might injure his bulbs and seedlings, had taken up his abode in a miserable garret.
"The hall is badly ventilated, and the speeches, including my own, will not be worth hearing."
In the third place, the back windows of the second floor had been open, on each occasion when I had seen them--most probably to air the house, which could not be ventilated from the front during the hot summer weather, in consequence of the shut-up condition of all the windows thereabouts.
Also, the house was built against the perpendicular wall; and in the wall itself, shored by strong timbers, well drained and ventilated, we excavated two small rooms.
In a lofty room, ill-lighted and worse ventilated, situated in Portugal Street, Lincoln's Inn Fields, there sit nearly the whole year round, one, two, three, or four gentlemen in wigs, as the case may be, with little writing-desks before them, constructed after the fashion of those used by the judges of the land, barring the French polish.
It was badly ventilated, and badly lighted; was not too clean; - and impressed me, on the whole, very uncomfortably.
A vile wind that has no doubt blown ere this through prison corridors and cells, and wards of hospitals, and ventilated them, and now comes blowing hither as innocent as fleeces.
Trans-Asiatic Directs we met, soberly ringing the world round the Fiftieth Meridian at an honest seventy knots; and white-painted Ackroyd & Hunt fruiters out of the south fled beneath us, their ventilated hulls whistling like Chinese kites.
LAHORE -- The National Accountability Bureau, Lahore, has reportedly shifted PML-N President Shahbaz Sharif to a ventilated room in the light of his medical reports.
An official told Dawn on Saturday that Mr Sharif had been shifted to a ventilated room at the NAB Thokar Niaz Baig building in the light of his medical reports.
Johan Lindqvist, Ph.D., from the University of Arizona in Tucson, and colleagues studied the structure and function of diaphragm fibers of mechanically ventilated critically ill patients and mechanically ventilated rats with normal and increased titin compliance.