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1. A device that circulates fresh air and expels stale or foul air.
2. Medicine A machine that supplies oxygen or a mixture of oxygen and air, used in artificial respiration to control or assist breathing. Also called respirator.

ven′ti·la·to′ry (vĕn′tl-ə-tôr′ē) adj.
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Adj.1.ventilatory - provided with ventilation or involving pulmonary ventilation
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Doctors had argued that continued ventilatory treatment is not in Alfie's best interests.
Perhaps more importantly, elevations in ventilatory demand and decreases in peak oxygen uptake are highly predictive of mortality in patients with heart failure.
Mr Justice Anthony Hayden said: "I am satisfied that continued ventilatory support is no longer in Alfie's interests.
He made good recovery after remaining on ventilatory support for a long time.
2][theta] (the first threshold) are available in published reports including use of the "dual criteria" method (systematic rise in the ventilatory equivalent for oxygen, [[?
In fact, the rate of ARDS patients ventilated with NPPV as first ventilatory attempt has increased over time, ranging from 6% in 1998, 12% in 2004, and reached up to 24.
Result: In this study, restrictive ventilatory defect was seen in 64% of patients, and obstructive ventilatory defect was seen in 10% of patients.
Contract notice: Accreditation procedure / framework agreement of suppliers for biennial service - renewable for another year - rental and maintenance mechanical home ventilatory therapy needed at aa.
Patient-ventilator interaction is influenced by the machine's features, such as ventilatory mode and settings [sup][1],[2],[3] and the patient's own breathing pattern, respiratory center drive and effort.
The research variables were; the type of poisons, the number of poisons, route of poisons, mode of poisons, the need for ventilatory, inotropic and renal support, duration of stay, and outcome of patients.
13) This study will help us to identify the factors, which help in predicting the need for ventilatory support in a patient with OP poisoning.