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vent 1

1. Forceful expression or release of pent-up thoughts or feelings: give vent to one's anger.
2. An opening permitting the escape of fumes, a liquid, a gas, or steam.
3. The small hole at the breech of a gun through which the charge is ignited.
4. Zoology The excretory opening of the digestive tract in animals such as birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fish.
5. Geology
a. The opening of a volcano in the earth's crust.
b. An opening on the ocean floor that emits hot water and dissolved minerals.
v. vent·ed, vent·ing, vents
1. To express (one's thoughts or feelings, for example), especially forcefully. See Synonyms at voice.
2. To release or discharge (steam, for example) through an opening.
3. To provide with a vent.
1. To vent one's feelings or opinions: Sorry to go on like that, but I just had to vent.
2. To be released or discharged through an opening.
3. To rise to the surface of water to breathe. Used of a marine mammal.

[Partly from French vent (from Old French) and partly alteration of French évent (from Old French esvent, from esventer, to let out air, from Vulgar Latin *exventāre : Latin ex-; see ex- + Latin ventus, wind; see wē- in Indo-European roots).]

vent′er n.

vent 2

A slit in a garment, as in the back seam of a jacket.

[Middle English vente, alteration (probably influenced by Old French vent, wind) of fente, from Old French, slit, from fendre, to split open, from Latin findere; see fission.]
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the act of venting or expressing emotion
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Noun1.venting - the act of venting
emission, emanation - the act of emitting; causing to flow forth
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It seemed as impossible to bear the fatality she had drawn down on him without venting his fury as it would be to a panther to bear the javelin-wound without springing and biting.
Yet even then he rose with a smile, and thus preserved his reputation; yet I knew that his money bags must be chafing his heart, as well as that, had the stake been twice or thrice as much again, he would still have restrained himself from venting his disappointment.
Miss Squeers knew as well in her heart of hearts that what the miserable serving-girl had said was sheer, coarse, lying flattery, as did the girl herself; yet the mere opportunity of venting a little ill-nature against the offending Miss Price, and affecting to compassionate her weaknesses and foibles, though only in the presence of a solitary dependant, was almost as great a relief to her spleen as if the whole had been gospel truth.
These components require proper venting that reduce heat and protect the component from the entry of foreign material and optimize the balance between airflow and water entry pressure.
Part 1 in March addressed the basics of mold venting; Part 2 in April dived into details of vent shape, dimensions, surface finish, etc.
The venting of bathroom and kitchen fans is a recurring problem, which comes up every once in a while and is often misunderstood even by some builders, as I have seen so many times in my work as a consultant to homeowners and builders alike, as a former certified home inspector and as a columnist.
My goal for this dive was to collect some samples of hot fluids venting from the seafloor 1.6 miles beneath the surface.
Therefore, appropriate preventive and protective measures for mitigating the effects of gas explosions like venting, suppression, or containment must be taken properly [2].
BROWNELL says this can be prevented by expelling the excess air through a venting port or vent pipe.
Researchers at Texas A&M University tested venting or fizzing, in which a hollow needle punctures the gas bladder to relieve pressure, and rapid recompression, which quickly returns fish to the depth of capture where symptoms are alleviated, on red snapper* Methods of recompression include weighted hooks or jigs, weighted cages, and pressure-activated devices like the SeaQualizer, which the researchers employed in this study.
Understanding the important role of good venting is key for the molding of quality injection-molded parts and for maximizing profits.
If venting is the issue, is it better to rerun the venting through the brick on the side of the house (no soffit) or through the roof?