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1. Anatomy
a. Relating to or situated on or close to the abdomen; abdominal.
b. Relating to or situated on or close to the anterior aspect of the human body or the lower surface of the body of a nonhuman animal.
2. Botany Of or on the surface of an organ or part facing toward the axis; adaxial.
A ventral part, such as a fin or scale.

[Late Latin ventrālis, from Latin venter, ventr-, belly.]

ven′tral·ly adv.
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Adv.1.ventrally - in a ventral location or direction
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nov., is distinguished from its congener by a putative pit organ located ventrally just posterior of the lower jaw margin center, photophores irregularly distributed along many areas of the body, 16 distinct ventral-abdominal photophore aggregations, and two differences associated with the dentition," the researchers described the new shark species in ( Zootaxa.
He was seen on the fifth day of injury, complaining of urine leak from a small hole ventrally in distal penile shaft.
Paramere broad basally, rapidly narrowing, subparallel through most of length to apical membrane; apex with 2 long, hair-like setae and 4 short, bristle-like subapical spiniform setae along lateral margin; ventrally separate, articulate.
The bodies of the fawns were joined ventrally and laterally with two separate necks and heads.
Proboscis, tapering gradually from broad base to narrow distal section; mouth minute, curved ventrally in proximal half.
Pedipalps: medium-size (not enlarged), dorsally and ventrally with black-tipped denticles (not spine-tipped denticles).
Eight forms of conjoined twins exist: five types conjoined ventrally and three types conjoined dorsally [8].
Carotid sheath was placed ventrally and required cautious dissection of tumor mass to remove it (Fig.
Eyes separated by 1.0 (male) or 1.5-2.0 (female) facet diameters; antenna with 14 flagellomeres, the 3 apical subequal are reduced in size, 11th and 12th fused, 14th separated and spherical; ascoids Y-shaped; wing with medial fork incomplete; female subgenital plate pilose on distal half and with lateral margins convex; male terminalia with gonostyle coniform with a group of alveoli at base and short setae sparsealy distributed, aedeagus asymmetrical, bifid with left branch little longer and wider in dorsal view, one short sinuous paramere articulat with aedeagus and a small projection of the hypandrium, gonocoxal apodeme strongly sclerotized, pilose ventrally and with rounded distal margin.
Body small, curved ventrally upon fixation, cuticle thin 1-1.5 um thick at midbody, finely annulated.