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 (vĕn′trĭ-kōs′) also ven·tri·cous (-kəs)
Inflated, swollen, or distended, especially on one side: the ventricose gullet of an insect.

[New Latin ventricōsus, from Latin venter, ventr-, belly.]

ven′tri·cos′i·ty (-kŏs′ĭ-tē) n.
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Adj.1.ventricous - having a swelling on one sideventricous - having a swelling on one side; "the ventricose gullet of an insect"
biological science, biology - the science that studies living organisms
anatomy, general anatomy - the branch of morphology that deals with the structure of animals
protrusive - thrusting outward
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8.5 cm wide, elliptic, coriaceous, adaxially violaceous, abaxially brown, ventricous, conspicuous; blades ca.