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n. ventriculitis, infl. de un ventrículo.
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Statistical analysis was performed using Fisher's exact test to compare incidence of ventriculitis in our study versus incidence of ventriculitis in studies using various types of catheters and antibiotic regimens.
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She deteriorated over time due to Salmonella sepsis and ventriculitis. Relevant past Diagnostic testing Interventions medical history (including dates) and interventions Functional * Debridement of the endoscopic sinus slough and dead surgery (FESS) 19/ tissue of the 5/2015 sphenoidal sinus, periorbita and septum mucosa.
Ventriculitis developed in 11 patients; antimicrobial agents, such as vancomycin and gentamycin, were intrathecally administered to these patients through an external drainage system.
Conspicuous endoscopic appearance of ventriculitis caused by coagulase-negative staphylococci.
* Ventriculitis may be present, in which case hydrocephalus will commonly also be seen.
Magnetic resonance imaging was concordant with hydrocephaly, ventriculitis and meningitis.
Bacterial infection often causes acute meningitis, ventriculitis and brain abscess (19,20).
(72) It is interesting to note that in autopsy specimens, subependymal glial nodules (apart from those seen in patients with tuberous sclerosis) are sometimes attributed to evidence of remote ventriculitis or other injury to the ependymal lining.
Sac repair is suggested to be performed in the first 36 hours; some studies have suggested that a shunt should be placed in a second operation, while some studies have demonstrated that the risk of ventriculitis and shunt infection decreases in cases in which sac repair and VP shunt placement is performed in the same operation (2, 7, 8).
Among the rare neurological complications are Guillain-Barre syndrome, meningoencephalitis, ventriculitis, optic neuritis, delayed contralateral hemiparesis, peripheral motor neuropathy, Reye's syndrome, and facial palsy.2 The incidence of chickenpox in adults has doubled in recent years and this recent shift in age for varicella from childhood to adulthood and adolescence has resulted in increase in complications.1 In a study done on 60 cases with neurological complications due to chicken pox, there were 8.3% patients with facial palsy.3