ventriloquist's dummy

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Noun1.ventriloquist's dummy - a wooden dummy into which a ventriloquist projects the voiceventriloquist's dummy - a wooden dummy into which a ventriloquist projects the voice
dummy - a figure representing the human form
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ventriloquist’s dummy

nBauchrednerpuppe f
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At the heart of the chaos is another evil ventriloquist's Dummy named Slappy, right, who helps release the creepy characters from the pages of author R.L Stine's (Jack Black) horror books.
The current Prime Minister is shameless, and the Welsh Secretary is no better: instead of fighting for Welsh families who have been inhumanely wronged by this Government, he just acts like a ventriloquist's dummy to whoever is Prime Minister.
Here he helps out after two kids accidentally unleash a demonic ventriloquist's dummy named Slappy when they open a sealed Goosebumps book called Haunted Halloween.
David Sampson and Grisweld ALLEGATIONS a ventriloquist's dummy made offensive sexual remarks to a woman in the street are being taken "seriously" by police.
But Zach inadvertently unlocks one of Stine's books, releasing an evil ventriloquist's dummy called Slappy, also voiced by Black.
The filmmakers reached out to Ironhead Studio to design and create a real, working ventriloquist's dummy - one that resembles Jack Black in many ways.
To my eye it is part Bob Monkhouse and part ventriloquist's dummy Lord Charles.
SUPER-COOL Central TV presenter Bob Warman finally met his match - when pantomine star Paul Zerdin dragged him on stage at the Hippodrome to be his ventriloquist's dummy.
Support comes from Teesside's own 'sinister light entertainment band' Old Muggins, who may even stick their ventriloquist's dummy Old Bill under the mistletoe for a quick Christmas peck.
Disgraced Edith disguises her illegitimate child as a ventriloquist's dummy called Baby Gaga?
A ventriloquist's dummy named Slappy is a big part of the books.
Or if improvisation is more to your liking, you can see veteran performer Gary Kitching and his ventriloquist's dummy taking a look at loneliness, power ballads and whether or not to press that self destruct button in Me and Mr C at the Northern Stage.