venture capitalism

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venture capital

Money available for investment in startup companies and small businesses with a high potential for growth. Also called risk capital.

venture capitalism n.
venture capitalist n.
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Noun1.venture capitalism - capitalism that invests in innovative enterprises (especially high technology) where the potential profits are large
capitalism, capitalist economy - an economic system based on private ownership of capital
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Venture capitalism is important, but you have to have a balance between smart venture capitalism and smart entrepreneurs.
Wealth was once as admirable a trait in the 50 states as obesity was in Victorian gentlemen, but Mormon sometime frontrunner Mitt Romney is under attack from the one place his venture capitalism should have felt safe, his own side.
Maya Karanouh, Hala Fadel and Tarek Sadi have backgrounds in branding, fund management and venture capitalism, respectively.
The wealthy Tynesider, whose business interests span Chinese gold mines, global venture capitalism, skincream and a massive green diesel business, has set up Plane Chartering Ltd.
Set up just three years by experienced, if off-beat, city dealmaker Jon Moulton, it has quickly become a player in the complex world of venture capitalism and, as its name suggests, it has some success of turning base metal into gold.
Manny Bello, co-founder of Maven Partners LLC, is highly respected as a vital force in the evolution of venture capitalism. As a towering presence in the industry with expansive access to a network of coveted capital resources, Manny has mastered the art of business development through transformative entrepreneurship, technological wizardry, and groundbreaking innovation in entertainment.
LBS Dubai has also seen an increased number of entrepreneurs applying for its EMBA course which Morgan thinks may be due to the lack of venture capitalism in the region.
But it is venture capitalism which Green is now setting his sights on - with IT the area that excites him the most.
In good old pragmatic Beijing it is seen as an example of how venture capitalism can succeed - and succeed it has.
Racism, feminism, poverty, corporate outsourcing, the line between vulture and venture capitalism all come into focus as President Kennedy is gunned down in Dallas and Kitty Genovese is stabbed to death in Kew Gardens.
A Bob Dylan fan, he likes the idea that venture capitalism can be a force for good.
Europe needs to become a place where improved access to venture capitalism transforms high-quality research into new or better products or services.

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