venture capitalist

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venture capital

Money available for investment in startup companies and small businesses with a high potential for growth. Also called risk capital.

venture capitalism n.
venture capitalist n.
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venture capitalist

(Stock Exchange) a person or company that provides capital for new commercial enterprises
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Noun1.venture capitalist - a speculator who makes money available for innovative projects (especially in high technology)
plunger, speculator - someone who risks losses for the possibility of considerable gains
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KARACHI -- The venture capitalist community got a chance to explore synergies and discuss investment issues faced in deploying capital in Pakistan's vibrant tech ecosystem at the 021Disrupt conference.
Sharifa Al Barami, an entrepreneur and venture capitalist, is the Managing Director at the Wadi Accelerator programme of the Oman Technology Fund and is striving to pave way for women to lead companies.
In the US when we spoke to venture capitalist companies, they are the biggest barriers.
The government as venture capitalist: the long-run impact of the SBIR Programme.
In an opinion essay for the Seattle Times, venture capitalist Nick Hanauer argues that US inclusion and diversity contribute to innovation, which leads to technological solutions to problems and consumer demand.
litigators, large-company patent attorneys, venture capitalist, and
Those are just some of the myth-busting facts revealed in the Harvard Business Review by Diane Mulcahy, director of private equity at the Kauffman Foundation, Kansas City, Mo., and a former venture capitalist herself.
Obsessively catering to customers, a cornerstone of the venture capitalist credo, will therefore likely cause them to overlook emerging or new markets and opportunities to discover disruptive innovation to be missed.
A former deputy insurance commissioner in Louisiana has pleaded guilty to two bribery schemes--one with an insurance agent and another with a venture capitalist affiliated with the insurance agent.
So while the banks may be happy to see someone else take the flak the role of the venture capitalist has come more to the fore as the banks continue to restrict lending, unless on certainties, a position exacerbated by the withdrawal of government funding to help business, particularly to smaller organisations.
As to why one should go to a venture capitalist instead of the umpteen financial consultants in the market, the author says, "Financial consultants tend to treat the exercise of raising venture capital in a manner similar to raising bank loans or project finance."

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