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1. Disposed to venture or to take risks; daring. See Synonyms at adventurous.
2. Involving risk or danger; hazardous: a venturesome expedition up Mount Everest.

ven′ture·some·ly adv.
ven′ture·some·ness n.
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(ˈvɛntʃəsəmlɪ) or


in a venturesome manner
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This volume evidences that such freshness that is done venturesomely and with great courage.
In typical Lagunitas fashion, this beer wanders venturesomely from established style paths, into the magical hop garden where all Lagunitas beers seem to get their start.
Not long after, she helped found a company of her own, the Mecklenburgh Opera, which quickly put itself on London's operatic map with a repertoire that honored tradition while, with a series of commissions, venturesomely extending it into the future.