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n. pl. ven·tu·ris
1. A short tube with a constricted throat used to determine fluid pressures and velocities by measurement of differential pressures generated at the throat as a fluid traverses the tube.
2. A constricted throat in the air passage of a carburetor, causing a reduction in pressure that results in fuel vapor being drawn out of the carburetor bowl.

[After Giovanni Battista Venturi (1746-1822), Italian physicist.]
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(Biography) Robert. born 1925, US architect, a pioneer of the postmodernist style. His writings include Complexity and Contradiction in Architecture (1966)
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Noun1.Venturi - United States architect (born in 1925)
2.Venturi - a tube with a constrictionventuri - a tube with a constriction; used to control fluid flow (as in the air inlet of a carburetor)
carburetor, carburettor - mixes air with gasoline vapor prior to explosion
tube, tubing - conduit consisting of a long hollow object (usually cylindrical) used to hold and conduct objects or liquids or gases
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For over 15 years, Venturi is witnessing the implementation of the principles, means and tools of sustainable mobility.
The staff members from Waypoint Investment Group of Wells Fargo Advisors joined Venturi.
"For animated children's entertainment an essential aim of a successful licensing program is to have toy distributors opening the market and placing products on the shelf," Venturi remarked.
We are excited to join forces with a company as passionate about shooting sports as we are, and welcome TSD customers and fans into the Air Venturi family," said Paul Milkovich, Air Venturi's director of business development.
In this work, the numerical simulation was used to investigate the impact on the discharge coefficient, Cd, for installation with upstream straight length lesser than the given minimum value by comparing the numerical simulation results and experimental data, for Venturi tubes ranging from 100 mm to 250 mm.
The calibration of the critical flow venturi of a given diameter is traditionally done by measuring the flow of ambient air through the venturi using a reference SAO or Laminar Flow Element while increasing the pressure ratio across the venturi.
In the second part of his research into the impact of the racial laws under the Mussolini regime, Maryks presents the first English translations of 139 letters that victims of these laws, and their relatives and friends exchanged with the Jesuit Venturi (1861-1956).
One of the studies carried out at Brasimone Research Center is the calibration of a large Venturi nozzle flow meter (Figure 2) operating in LBE [12].
The works discussed by Borenius and Venturi, and their respective doppelgangers, are all still attributed to Caravaggio, the former today in London's National Gallery (the second in Florence's Uffizi, on deposit from the Fondazione Longhi), the latter held by the Civici Musei di Udine (its match in the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art, Connecticut).
The Venturi effect incorporates the Bernoulli principle by incorporating an entrainment port at the site of the convergence of the funnel-shaped tube.
The Dubai smash happened a couple of days before a similar shunt in London, and Venturi confessed it is still painful to recall images of the wreckage.