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ven′tur·ous·ly adv.
ven′tur·ous·ness n.


(ˈvɛn tʃər səm)

1. having or showing a disposition to undertake ventures; adventurous.
2. attended with risk; hazardous.
ven′ture•some•ly, adv.
ven′ture•some•ness, n.
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Adj.1.venturous - disposed to venture or take risksventurous - disposed to venture or take risks; "audacious visions of the total conquest of space"; "an audacious interpretation of two Jacobean dramas"; "the most daring of contemporary fiction writers"; "a venturesome investor"; "a venturous spirit"
adventuresome, adventurous - willing to undertake or seeking out new and daring enterprises; "adventurous pioneers"; "the risks and gains of an adventuresome economy"


1. Taking or willing to take risks:
2. Involving possible risk, loss, or injury:
Slang: hairy.
References in classic literature ?
"Tell me, senor," Sancho went on to say, "those Julys or Augusts, and all those venturous knights that you say are now dead- where are they now?"
These opinions being equally incontrovertible with those he had already pronounced, he went on to inform us that Jamaica rum, though unquestionably an agreeable spirit of great richness and flavour, had the drawback of remaining constantly present to the taste next day; and nobody being venturous enough to argue this point either, he increased in confidence and became yet more companionable and communicative.
They were the more comradely men, the more venturous, the more individual.
To me, once or twice, she had in intimate conversation, uttered venturous thoughts in nervous language; but when the hour of such manifestation was past, I could not recall it; it came of itself and of itself departed.
But I had no need to be venturous, for I had no want of food, and of that which was very good too, especially these three sorts, viz.
The nine-year-old beat David Barron-trained Venturous by a neck, with last year's winner Tommy G, trained by Jim Goldie, third in the six-furlong race.
Last year's victor, Tommy G, tried to steal a march down the rail - but Venturous headed him, only for Poyle Vinnie (20-1) to pounce late and win by a neck under Jimmy Sullivan.
The nine-year-old beat the David Barron-trained Venturous by a neck, with last year's winner Tommy G, trained by Jim Goldie, third in the six-furlong race.
The young rider, from County Meath, scored twice for Thirsk trainer David Barron, aboard Frosted Lass and Venturous.
NOTTINGHAM: 1.45 Regular, 2.20 Venturous, 2.55 Singing The Blues, 3.30 Foxtrot Lady, 4.05 Fake News, 4.40 Music Seeker,
* The Lark and Venturous Theater Fund of the Tides Foundation in New York City have announced the playwrights chosen for the second Venturous Playwright Fellowship.
So, in order for this situation to work out well, I had to pretend I was a venturous fella who was not threatened by anything.