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1. Honest; truthful: "She was not absolutely veracious; but this defect was of no great consequence, for she had never had anything to conceal" (Henry James).
2. Accurate; true: a veracious account of what happened.

[From Latin vērāx, vērāc-, truthful, from vērus, true; see wērə-o- in Indo-European roots.]

ve·ra′cious·ly adv.
ve·ra′cious·ness n.
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This culture is an eternal process of self-reference and thus never refers to a first principle outside itself; it uses itself as proof for its veraciousness. I thus understand the symbolic system in American Gods as a form of mock symbolism--it mocks the self-referentiality of American culture.
My analysis is divided into three sections, each centered around one stage in Shadow's development; from dutiful acceptance of binary opposition, through doubt concerning its veraciousness, to a critical position made possible by his resolve to follow his own will and to live in a morally and ethically defensible manner.
If Tolstoy does not choose to invoke the muse at the beginning of the novel as guarantor of its divine veraciousness, he does what is almost as good by making the implicit equation between his book and the workings of nature.