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 (lô′gə-rē′ə, lŏg′ə-)
n. Chiefly British
Variant of logorrhea.
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(ˌlɒɡəˈrɪə) or


excessive, uncontrollable, or incoherent talkativeness
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Come May 23, the Indian voter may have an antidote for your verbal diarrhea.
He criticized Cricket Australia's new "buzz words," saying that they are nothing more than "verbal diarrhea."
Many will be tickled by the neologisms, one-word poems at their best and as catchy as advertising slogans: "blitspost" (email), for example, fusing "lightning" and "mail"; or "shilshl-peh" (verbal diarrhea), which makes use of the language's Hebrew component.
Verbal diarrhea is another term, but it's too gross to use.
Notorious baddy Luthor plots and schemes in between inconsistent character twitches and mindless verbal diarrhea, to turn the superheroes against each, however the whys and motives are vague and weak.