verbal intelligence

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Noun1.verbal intelligence - intelligence in the use and comprehension of language
intelligence - the ability to comprehend; to understand and profit from experience
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In essence, NI is looked upon as a mode of communication, which specifically deals with inter- and intra-personal competencies tied with Verbal Intelligence (VI) (Randall, 1999).
This develops their verbal intelligence or vocabulary and non-verbal intelligence and reasoning power as well.
The scientists at Lakehead University, Ontario, found those who admitted being worriers scored more highly on verbal intelligence tests and said worrying could have helped our ancestors survive.
YOU'LL WRITE A BEST-SELLER IN THE Canadian study mentioned above, those who worried more scored higher for verbal intelligence, and verbally intelligent people are better at reading and writing.
The study analyzed parenting behaviors and whether they had an effect on verbal intelligence as measured by the Picture Vocabulary Test (PVT).
Reading was associated not only with measures of verbal intelligence (such as vocabulary tests) but with measures of nonverbal intelligence as well (such as reasoning tests).
The results indicate that the verbal intelligence, kinesthetic intelligence, musical intelligence interpersonal intelligence, intrapersonal intelligence, and naturalist intelligence scores of the girls who took part in the study were all higher, at a statistically significant level, than those of the boys.
Verbal intelligence scores at age seven increased by 0.
On the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Adults her scores were 49 for verbal intelligence and 62 for performance intelligence.
According to a new study involving two private schools in a West African country, suggest that a harshly punitive environment may have long-term detrimental effects on children's verbal intelligence and their executive-functioning ability, Science Daily Reported.
Moreover, most of them are not following the recent intelligence testing trends as they are relying on the old dichotomy of verbal/non- verbal and verbal/performance intelligence for their interpretation (see for example Test of Intellectual Development for Pakistani pre-school children; Abbas and Israr, 1990, Group Verbal Intelligence Test; Hussain, 2001, and Indigenous Non-verbal Test of Intelligence; Gardaizi, 2001).
After age and gender were controlled for, small but significant negative correlations were found between head circumference and Verbal Intelligence Quotient (VIQ) and Full Scale Intelligence Quotient (FSIQ) in twins with autism spectrum disorders, but there was no correlation between head circumference and other autistic symptoms or functioning.