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Noun1.verbalisation - the words that are spoken in the activity of verbalizationverbalisation - the words that are spoken in the activity of verbalization
choice of words, phraseology, wording, phrasing, verbiage, diction - the manner in which something is expressed in words; "use concise military verbiage"- G.S.Patton
2.verbalisation - the activity of expressing something in words
activity - any specific behavior; "they avoided all recreational activity"
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Reacting to media criticisms of President Buhari's directive to ministers to channel all correspondence through the Chief of staff, the Presidency stressed that it was just a verbalisation of the same role performed by Kyari in the first term of President Buhari.
In this circumstance, the pretence has to be what may be termed as 'double-edged', for want of better verbalisation. In some cases, where vanity is equally strong on either side, each complements the other's efforts in their pretence to appear young(er).
But upon entering the conference room with Sven Hughes, founder of strategic communications consultancy Verbalisation, he presents me with a handful of my recent articles, points out how all the introductions share similar traits, and explains what this supposedly says about me.
Multilinguals' Verbalisation and Perception of Emotions
One of the goals of the speed-reading movement of the 1960s was to eliminate internal verbalisation, or subvocalisation, as it's known.
Le CNDH a enfin consacre une rubrique Le livre du jour pour presenter, en presence de leurs auteurs, plusieurs ouvrages recemment publies, notamment L'idee de Constitution au Maroc: documents et textes de Mohamed Nabil Mouline, Sexualite et celibat au Maroc, pratiques et verbalisation de Sanaa El Aji, Dames de fraises, doigts de fee, les invisibles de la migration saisonniere marocaine en Espagne de Chadia Arab, La parole et l'action de Henri Leclerc, Un jihad de l'amour de Mohamed El Bachiri, Abdelaziz Bennani, l'eclaireur, etc.
The best one I've heard was from a friend of mine who was in a meeting when a young manager said the following "...We need to take a concrete from of the conceptualised verbalisation with a view to a window of Tuesday..." I think it means "...We need to write up the meeting minutes and review them on Tuesday..." So why didn't they just say that?
[beaucoup moins que] Ce qui conferera un effet de surprise a leur action et modifiera le comportement des usagers, lesquels se sentiront continuellement surveilles et exposes a une action d'interception et de verbalisation [beaucoup plus grand que], a precise le DSP lors de la presentation du plan d'action de la DGSN a l'occasion de la rentree sociale.
This US study contrasted two forms of mother--infant mirroring: the mother's imitation of the infant's facial, gestural, or vocal behaviour ('direct mirroring') and the mother's verbalisation of the infant's internal state, marked as distinct from the infant's own experience ('intention mirroring').
Puisque cette methode est, cette fois, dependante d'une tache donnee (Huet & Marine, 1998) et que la verbalisation suit immediatement l'activite de lecture a partir d'une video, la validite des rapports retrospectifs est plus grande que dans le cas d'une methode independante d'une tache (Gravel & Tremblay, 1996).