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Cichewicz, "Phenylethanoid and lignan glycosides from polar extracts of Lantana, a genus of verbenaceous plants widely used in traditional herbal therapies," Journal of Natural Products, vol.
The density which denoted total number of individuals per quadrat crossed 1.0 value in 41 species with highest value of 17.88 recorded in grass Cynodon dactylon, and it was closely followed by verbenaceous shrub Lantana camara (11.84) and the two daisies, Mikania indica (11.66) and Parthenium hysterophorus (9.83).
marina and other verbenaceous plants, and Sonneratia alba and other sonneratacean plants), have typical pneumatophores and can live on substrates of medium stability.
For example, the mangroves on the central and South American coast of the tropical Pacific have other typical tree species, such as the malvaceous Pavonia rhizophorae, the rhizophoraceous Rhizophora racemosa, the caesalpinaceous Mora oleifera, and the verbenaceous Avicennia bicolor.
Pollinator preferences for yellow, orange, and red flowers of Mimulus verbenaceous and M.