verd antique

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verd antique

also verde antique  (vûrd)
A dull green, mottled or veined serpentine used in interior decoration.

[Obsolete French, from Italian verde antico : verde, green + antico, antique.]

verd antique

1. (Geological Science) a dark green mottled impure variety of serpentine marble
2. (Geological Science) any of various similar marbles or stones
3. (Elements & Compounds) another name for verdigris
[C18: from French, from Italian verde antico ancient green]


(or verde′) antique′

1. a green mottled or impure serpentine, sold as a marble and used for decorative purposes.
2. any of various similar green stones.
[1735–45; < French < Italian verde antico literally, antique green. See verdure, antique]
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Noun1.verd antique - a dark green impure marble
marble - a hard crystalline metamorphic rock that takes a high polish; used for sculpture and as building material
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