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1. Green with vegetation; covered with green growth.
2. Green in hue.
3. Lacking experience or sophistication; naive.

[French verdoyant, from Old French, present participle of verdoyer, to become green, from Vulgar Latin *viridiāre, from Latin viridis.]

ver′dan·cy n.
ver′dant·ly adv.
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47 million, spans about two-thirds of an acre of verdantly manicured grounds anchored by an almost 8,500-square-foot Spanish mansion with six bedrooms and six bathrooms, plus a self-contained two-bedroom/one-bath guesthouse atop a detached three-car garage.
Instead, he looks at the Holocaust's traces in the present, interviewing survivors, witnesses and authorities, and returning to death camps now verdantly overgrown and perversely picturesque.
Other miniature versions are the still, verdantly shaded courtyards of dars and riads, many of which have become chic boutique hotels.
Mountain laurel, Prince's pine, partridge berry and wintergreen leaves never stop verdantly carpeting our forest floor.