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1. Green with vegetation; covered with green growth.
2. Green in hue.
3. Lacking experience or sophistication; naive.

[French verdoyant, from Old French, present participle of verdoyer, to become green, from Vulgar Latin *viridiāre, from Latin viridis.]

ver′dan·cy n.
ver′dant·ly adv.
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They get to revel in a community that is exquisitely sprawling, verdantly landscaped and endowed with resort-inspired amenities and open spaces that can add a rejuvenating vibe to the fast-paced city living.
Expeditions take place over a verdantly terraced landscape filled with waterfalls, caverns, crags and valleys.
The estate, purchased by Kauffman and Skloff in 1997 for a bit below $1.47 million, spans about two-thirds of an acre of verdantly manicured grounds anchored by an almost 8,500-square-foot Spanish mansion with six bedrooms and six bathrooms, plus a self-contained two-bedroom/one-bath guesthouse atop a detached three-car garage.
Other miniature versions are the still, verdantly shaded courtyards of dars and riads, many of which have become chic boutique hotels.