verde antique

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verd antique

also verde antique  (vûrd)
A dull green, mottled or veined serpentine used in interior decoration.

[Obsolete French, from Italian verde antico : verde, green + antico, antique.]
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Noun1.verde antique - a dark green impure marble
marble - a hard crystalline metamorphic rock that takes a high polish; used for sculpture and as building material
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Huge columns carved out of single masses of marble, and inlaid from top to bottom with a hundred intricate figures wrought in costly verde antique; pulpits of the same rich materials, whose draperies hung down in many a pictured fold, the stony fabric counterfeiting the delicate work of the loom; the grand altar brilliant with polished facings and balustrades of oriental agate, jasper, verde antique, and other precious stones, whose names, even, we seldom hear-- and slabs of priceless lapis lazuli lavished every where as recklessly as if the church had owned a quarry of it.
Ordovician black marble and Verde Antique are from the Vermont-New York region in the northern Appalachians.
All the lower retail stories are fronted by a curtain wall of glass and Vermont verde antique marble, and the building is entered through double Herculite glass doors with Dover cream marble trim, echoing the color scheme of the Reinhardt gallery's original building.