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also ver·der·or  (vûr′dər-ər)
An official who oversees the protection and conservation of a forest in England, originally a judicial officer having charge of the royal forests of medieval England.

[Anglo-Norman, from verd, green, from Latin viridis.]


1. (Forestry) English legal history a judicial officer responsible for the maintenance of law and order in the royal forests
2. (Professions) English legal history a judicial officer responsible for the maintenance of law and order in the royal forests
[C16: from Anglo-French, from Old French verdier, from verd green, from Latin viridis; compare Latin viridārium plantation of trees]


or ver•de•ror

(ˈvɜr dər ər)

a judicial officer in charge of the royal forests of England.
[1535–45; < Anglo-French verderer, Old French verd(i)er < Latin viridārius=virid(is) green + -ārius -ary (see -er2)]
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Item, that between nones and vespers on the feast of James the Less the said brother John was observed upon the Brockenhurst road, near the spot which is known as Hatchett's Pond in converse with a person of the other sex, being a maiden of the name of Mary Sowley, the daughter of the King's verderer.
The forest's head verderer, Jonathan Gorelli, said attacks are rare and they are trying to identify the offenders.
A verderer (the judicial officer of royal forests) campaigned for two decades to keep this portion of the forest unenclosed.
Diana Westerhoff (Natural England s appointed Verderer) said:We were very pleased to meet with James Cross and explain to him how the Verderer s Grazing Scheme works within the HLS.
31) John Barrowe was also Pembroke's creature and owed the earl his position as the king's falconer and as a verderer in the royal forest of Dean.
One with SEERTREES (seer-trees OED sere 1616q) INTERPASS OED NURSETREE nurse-tree, OED TRACLEERE OED treacler 1415q ESCHARNIR OED, Old French precursor of scorn RELATEING OED verderer 1710q PTEREALER ?
We know that he diverted the revenues of an Ilford hospital, of which he was a trustee, to his son, Bamber Gascoyne--a prosecuting counsel at Canning's trial; also, that as a Verderer of Epping Forest, he permitted friends to enclose areas, to his own profit.
Here he lived much of the rest of his life in semi-seclusion, though he was at times a member of parliament, a magistrate, and verderer of the New Forest.
When a vacancy occurs the election of a new Verderer is called by the Sheriff of Gloucestershire.
61) Rose's financial expertise at the Treasury was handsomely rewarded; by the late 1790s he was simultaneously Secretary to the Treasury, Master of the Exchequer Pleas, Verderer of the New Forest, Agent for Dominica and Clerk of the Parliaments.
Though William Mitford (1744-1827), Hampshire squire, member of parliament, verderer of the New Forest, wrote on a multitude of topics - military affairs, language, the Corn Laws, history of religion, architecture, among others - he is best known for his history of Greece from Homer to Alexander.