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also ver·der·or  (vûr′dər-ər)
An official who oversees the protection and conservation of a forest in England, originally a judicial officer having charge of the royal forests of medieval England.

[Anglo-Norman, from verd, green, from Latin viridis.]
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1. (Forestry) English legal history a judicial officer responsible for the maintenance of law and order in the royal forests
2. (Professions) English legal history a judicial officer responsible for the maintenance of law and order in the royal forests
[C16: from Anglo-French, from Old French verdier, from verd green, from Latin viridis; compare Latin viridārium plantation of trees]
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or ver•de•ror

(ˈvɜr dər ər)

a judicial officer in charge of the royal forests of England.
[1535–45; < Anglo-French verderer, Old French verd(i)er < Latin viridārius=virid(is) green + -ārius -ary (see -er2)]
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"Item, that between nones and vespers on the feast of James the Less the said brother John was observed upon the Brockenhurst road, near the spot which is known as Hatchett's Pond in converse with a person of the other sex, being a maiden of the name of Mary Sowley, the daughter of the King's verderer. Item, that after sundry japes and jokes the said brother John did lift up the said Mary Sowley and did take, carry, and convey her across a stream, to the infinite relish of the devil and the exceeding detriment of his own soul, which scandalous and wilful falling away was witnessed by three members of our order."
It's a land of sheep, badgers and wild boar, whose law enforcers are called Verderers and Deputy Gavellers; a land cloaked in oak, beech and chestnut, where one-man-andhis-dog mines still extract coal, iron and pigment from the ground.
There's the deep gorge at Symonds Yat, with its hand-pull ferries; the Forest of Dean, ancient royal hunting ground, with its mining tradition and Verderers; and the 800-year-old romantic ruins of Tintern Abbey, inspiration of poets.
Each forest had various forest officers to maintain the venison and vert: a steward; verderers, who protected both deer and trees; foresters; regarders, who regulated the bounds; agistors, who managed the number of animals pastured in the forest; and woodwards.
10 In which National Park would you find the Verderers' Hall at Lyndhurst?
The pig was taken away from open areas by its owner after the ancient Verderers of the forest, who govern grazing, ordered its removal.
To protect the vert and venison, there was an administrative and law enforcement system staffed with unique officers--justices, wardens, verderers, gamekeepers, woodwards, agisters, and regarders--who acted under a distinct body of law in a series of prerogative courts--the courts of Swanimote, Attachment, Regard, the General and Special Inquisitions, and the Eyre.
For a longer route cross directly over to Speech House - a fine building which was built in the reign of Charles II in 1676 as a home for the Verderers who administer the forest.
The Forest's Verderers have been appointed to administer the King's hunting forest since the time of William the Conqueror.
The Forest of Dean could be a model for Tolkein's Middle Earth: an ancient former royal hunting forest whose law-enforcers are called Verderers and Deputy Gavellers; a land cloaked in oak, beech and chestnut, with free-range sheep and roaming wild boar.
In the evening, couples can enjoy a three course meal in the award-winning Verderers Restaurant before retiring to one of the 14 beautifully appointed bedrooms.