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Either of two basic carbonates of copper, used as a blue or green pigment.

[Middle English, alteration of Old French verd de terre, green of earth : verd, green; see verdant + de, of; see verdigris + terre, earth (from Latin terra; see ters- in Indo-European roots).]


(Colours) a blue-green pigment made from copper and used by painters, etc
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Coloured block five-piece knife set, PS20, Tesco Direct Add wow factor to a kitchen with strategically applied Striped wall: Whitening 41 (G); Canton 94 (50s); Turquoise Blue 93 (30s); Baked Cherry 14; Green Verditer 92 (R).
Both paintings contained a rare green pigment, called verditer, and were created using very similar artistic techniques.
Linen Wash, Stock and Clockface are all great for an all over neutral base to which you can add pattern, colour and texture but check out Mister David, Blue Verditer and Citrine for a splash of colour or if you're looking to show you're really up to speed with interiors fashions.
Like luminous fairy pincushions perched on glittering carpets of sequined verditer.
In the autumn and winter months, acacia trees come alive with a variety of birds, including the bright blue verditer flycatchers.