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a. The lush greenness of flourishing vegetation.
b. Vigorous greenery.
2. A fresh or flourishing condition: the verdure of childhood.

[Middle English, from Old French, from verd, green, from Latin viridis.]

ver′dur·ous adj.
ver′dur·ous·ness n.
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I sail Between two banks, where heavy boughs enlace, Whose verdurous luxuriance wakes once more My many griefs.
Yet higher then thir tops The verdurous wall of Paradise up sprung: Which to our general Sire gave prospect large Into his neather Empire neighbouring round.
A Marine Forces Europe and Africa release issued earlier this month said units from the rotational force were headed to Bulgaria's Novo Selo training area, "where they would be able to take advantage of the rough, verdurous terrain for multiple training events."
Botanika's outdoor area is all about lush 'gardenscapes' that span the entire property, contributing to a verdurous and relaxed atmosphere, where green life emanates and flows.
Sources say that in order to appeal to Hulu's naturally youthful base - the service's median age is a remarkably verdurous 33 - live sports, presumably courtesy of Disney-owned ESPN, will be key, but networks like AMC and FX are also on the list of must-haves.
(Its visitor's log reads like a VIP Coachella party, with everyone from the musicians Tove Lo and The Knocks, to Denver weed entrepreneurs, to Hollywood screenwriters.) Using sustainably sourced Nicaraguan timber, Grossman hand built the 20 thatched-roof bungalows with cofounder and Torontonian Matt Dickinson on a verdurous hill overlooking a silky Pacific Ocean surf break in 2011--evading the corporate world to live out an Endless Summer fantasy.
"with a train of summer ideas, of everything that is rural, verdurous
verdurous breezes pass through countless novels and hotels where we lie
The Ciliwung River would be the scene of a recreational waterfront area, with a 'unique and charming pedestrian route, where at several places visitors can take a rest in open air cafes and relax under the shadow of verdurous trees', or take a boat trip in an ambience 'filled with historical reminiscences as well as tinged with maritime flavour' (Yuwono and Rachman 1992:17-18).
As the skies opened, Karjat underwent a verdurous metamorphosis, just the way the locals had described.
Hartmans reading of Rilke could well encompass Keats's downward movement towards the dark loamy richness of earth, the branches fraught with the weight of fruit, sleep as the gentle embalmer of the soft midnight, the mosslain Dryads lulled to sleep, the ripeness of the drowsy hour, the embalmed darkness and verdurous glooms and winding mossy ways: there is a photo shot here of richness and fruition indistinguishable from extinction.
Harvested hybrids were characterized by the following parameters: number of shoots and verdurous masses of one plant, bunch diameter, width and length of a leaf, seed production, % of dry matter.