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 (və-rĭd′ĭ-kəl) also ve·rid·ic (-rĭd′ĭk)
1. Truthful; veracious: veridical testimony.
2. Coinciding with future events or apparently unknowable present realities: a veridical hallucination.

[From Latin vēridicus : vērus, true; see wērə-o- in Indo-European roots + dīcere, to say; see deik- in Indo-European roots.]

ve·rid′i·cal′i·ty (-kăl′ĭ-tē) n.
ve·rid′i·cal·ly adv.
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What humans learned how to experience was a more meditative engagement with the world around them, in a way that went beyond the veridicality conditions provided by the world.
The veridicality of the reports can be discerned through comparing the reports with the actual interpreting output of the participants.
Veridicality entails the re-creation of freedom, dependency without control --the plausibility of refusing the very idea that the author may be attempting an apologetic.
During the "Memory Wars" of the 1980s and 1990s there was tremendous controversy in both the scholarly literature and the popular press regarding the veridicality of recovered memories of trauma, including bizarre memories of Satanic childhood abuse (Loftus).
Investigating the veridicality of shape from shading for real objects.
In the case of the telescope, in fact, there always exists the possibility of empirically proving--in the sense that Martin Kusch seems to give to this adverb, as meaning "with no mediation of any instrument" (see Kusch, 2013: 13)--the veridicality of the images obtained.
Veridicality refers to the extent to which results on an assessment instrument are related to scores on other measures that predict the performance of real-world tasks (Spooner & Pachana, 2006).
Two types of testimonies support the veridicality of unreasonable folk beliefs: things witnessed by informants and indefinite situations they only heard about.
For casual users interested in efficiently obtaining news and information on the net, this proves burdensome because they now have the arduous additional task of sifting through information of unknown pedigree and determing its veridicality instead of simply attending to news of established credibility" (Kalyanaraman & Sundar, 2008, p.
Depression, school performance and the veridicality of perceived grades and causal attributions.
Among them are the shamanic induction of altered states for spiritual inspiration, chemically facilitated mysticism and the question of veridicality, and reflections on the mystery of death and rebirth in LSD therapy.
Adams does not say whether her veridicality depends on the Creative power of the human imagination or is, instead, independent of human desires, practices, and aspirations.