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Realism in art and literature.

[Italian verismo, from vero, true, from Latin vērus; see wērə-o- in Indo-European roots.]

ver′ist n.
ve·ris′tic (və-rĭs′tĭk) adj.


1. (Art Terms) extreme naturalism in art or literature
2. (Literary & Literary Critical Terms) extreme naturalism in art or literature
[C19: from Italian verismo, from vero true, from Latin vērus]
ˈverist n, adj
veˈristic adj


(ˈvɪər ɪz əm, ˈvɛr-)

strict representation of truth and reality in art and literature, including the homely and vulgar.
[1890–95; < Latin vēr(us) true + -ism; compare verismo]
ver′ist, n., adj.
ve•ris′tic, adj.


a naturalistic approach, especially in portraiture, in which every wrinkle and flaw of the subject is faithfully reproduced; extreme realism. Cf. Naturalism, Realism.Verist, n. — Veristic, adj.
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the artistic use of commonplace, everyday, and contemporary material in opera, especially some 20th-century Italian and French works, as Louise. — verist, n., adj. — veristic, adj.
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It was to this extent alone, Charras continued, that Dullin, who saw Antoine work meticulously on his mise en scene, would retain something from Antoine because, by nature, he was far away from verism and felt the need for transposition.
Though the films were first described as naturalistic for their stark verism and dispossessed characters, the brothers rejected the term.
These sculptures come the closest to a form of Verism in her work.
Place and verism, after all, must always trump ideology.
The effect of such intimate fictive immediacies, of the kind we encounter in Joseph Conrad, Ford Madox Ford, or William Faulkner, is foreign to the whole conception of Swift's work, which has no more interest in, or awareness of, such sophisticated forms of fictional illusion than it has with the simpler forms of verism we have seen Swift seeking to guard against, and which the Letter to Sympson was in fact an effort to counteract.
As a reaction to fin-de-siecle positivism, modernist authors attempted to convey a sense of transcendence from intimate personal experience using various ways through the combination of realist precision and naturalist psychological verism, the allegorical and transcendental capacity of symbolism, and the most radical and innovative formal techniques.
In fact, Rosario Contarino, in an essay on the major Sicilian writers, comparing Bonaviri's Verism to that of Verga or Capuana, emphasizes that Bonaviri "dissolve questi caratteri realistici nei cieli della prestoria, della favola e dell'utopia" ("Il Mezzogiorno e la Sicilia.
Fibich presented a relevant alternative to Romance opera as well (Charles Gounod, Georges Bizet, Charles Camille Saint-Saens, Jules Massenet and others), to Verism and to Russian opera.
I'd like to make a few additional points about the play, connected more with its verism than with its attempt at tragedy.
Sinister, beautiful and sometimes just creepy, these portraits represent the Verism artistic movement, which occurred in Germany in the 1920s.
As Sabine Rewald tells us in her lucid and informative introduction to Glitter and Doom, the New Objectivity movement "encompasses two wings: the right, conservative and tending toward classicism, and the left, Verism.