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1. Verism.
2. An artistic movement of the late 1800s, originating in Italy and influential especially in grand opera, marked by the use of rural characters and common, everyday themes often treated in a melodramatic manner.

[Italian; see verism.]


(vɛˈrɪzməʊ; Italian veˈrismo)
(Classical Music) music a school of composition that originated in Italian opera towards the end of the 19th century, drawing its themes from real life and emphasizing naturalistic elements. Its chief exponent was Puccini
[C19: from Italian; see verism]


(vəˈrɪz moʊ, -ˈriz-)

a style of 19th-century Italian opera typically stressing verism of setting and character.
[1905–10; < Italian]

verismo, verism

the artistic use of commonplace, everyday, and contemporary material in opera, especially some 20th-century Italian and French works, as Louise. — verist, n., adj. — veristic, adj.
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Making his way breathlessly around his apartment, wrists flapping as he decrees, "I'm not in the mood for verismo," when faced with the prospect of "Andrea Chenier," Mendy cracks jokes while his heart just silently cracks.
In the verismo of '50s melodrama, the climax comes not with an explosion of gunfire or the advance of cavalry down a hillside but through a blossoming of inner feeling, gently assisted by a full-bodied color palette and an orchestra al ert to every shift in mood.
Indeed, her first scene has the air of Pietro Mascagni's opera Cavalleria Rusticana in its verismo account of peasant life, while her second act (far more successful to my mind) with its disc-like playing area, druidic stones, and swirling mist suggested something out of Wagner.
A questa attivita affianco quella di instancabile epistolografa: di notevole interesse e il cospicuo epistolario, che annovera tra i corrispondenti i caposcuola del verismo italiano: Capuana, Verga e De Roberto.
The verismo movement in literature and opera sought to portray the world more naturally - Leoncavallo's Pagliacci and Puccini's Tosca are among the best known examples of the operatic genre.
It's the closest one comes to the verismo movement in France.
Staged by Music Theatre Wales with an expressive economy (designer Simon Banham's wooden panels simply rise and fall to change the scenes) and directed with a fluent verismo by Michael McCarthy, the production moves along both easily and coherently.
No obstante ese lacerante verismo, adviertese inaccion no solo en el gobierno, sino tambien en el mismo Estado mexicano, para atender las causas.
Pochissimi studiosi del verismo si sono preoccupati di analizzare in maniera approfondita i testi del naturalismo, a cui la letteratura dell'Italia appena formatasi deve moltissimo.
This is Puccini in real verismo mode, supplying moody and atmospheric music to Giuseppe Adami's concise, moving libretto about a barge owner and his adulterous wife.
La mas inverosimil de las situaciones tratada con un verismo documental que podria resultar fastidioso si no fuera por el delirante kitsh y porque el espectador esta ya involucrado con la suerte de los personajes.