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Being truly so called; real or genuine: "Her tea ... was set forth with as much grace as if she had been a veritable guest to her own self" (Mary Wilkins Freeman).

[Middle English, from Old French, from verite; see verity.]

ver′i·ta·ble·ness n.
ver′i·ta·bly adv.


[ˈverɪtəblɪ] ADVverdaderamente


adv (liter)in der Tat, fürwahr (obs)
References in classic literature ?
Sometimes, as is veritably attested, it dieth with the body, but after a season is raised up again in that place where the body did decay.
Dangeau, and twenty other courtiers, followed by their people and their baggage, closed this veritably triumphant march.
At the moment when the heroine was to act the stabbing of her lover, and he was to fall gracefully, the wife veritably stabbed her husband, who fell as death willed.
My comfort was, that it happened a long time ago, and that he had doubtless been transported a long way off, and that he was dead to me, and might be veritably dead into the bargain.
Recalled in relative tranquility by nostalgia buffs decades later, they still veritably shout and sizzle, pugnaciously harking back to those 'baaaad,' old days, before local action flicks shockingly lost favor with viewers.
The passage of time in the conduct of investigations has veritably weakened his ability to adequately prepare his defense," the court explained.
This achievement veritably summarizes the mission of NUST.
Saturova's long-term experience with early music mainly bore fruit in the two prayer scenes, in which she veritably rendered the text and succeeded in maintaining tension among the listeners.
Surrounded as they are on all sides by antagonists of varying stripes, they are veritably born fighting for the very life of their small nation.
While single-serve machines with Keurig K-Cup pods veritably exploded in the marketplace a few years ago, concerns about environmental impact have had an effect.
The grey inscribed slabs and monuments stand close together in what is veritably a Valley of the Shadow of Death.
This method of virtual projection will be veritably useful for the handicaps and the aged people to operate on all the devices in the home by staying in the same place.