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Variant of farklempt.
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When the North Trail coffee shop Big E's closed last fall, frugal foodies felt verklempt.
The short-story collection Verklempt is Peter Sichrovsky's first fiction work to be translated into English, and its stories explore modern Jewish identity in myriad ways.
Verklempt moment: "In the season two finale, when Masters and Johnson, despite the wreckage they've made of their personal lives, were able to take their first two patients, and pass along what would become their lasting work of healing dysfunctional couples.
I just got verklempt (Yiddish for choked with emotion)," she admitted as she wiped the tears from her eyes, reported E
I just got verklempt," Us magazine quoted her as saying.
I just got verklempt," she said, which is a Yiddish word that means all choked up or overwhelmed.
Have a listen this weekend and get nice and verklempt.
I'm all verklempt," "talk amongst yourselves" and "like buttah" (a frequent reference to Streisand) quickly became part of the popular vernacular.
In the same vein, 1 get a little verklempt each year when 1 see hundreds and hundreds of people gathered for our annual Contracting & Outsourcing event.
The thought of all you marvelous Heartland lassies out there demanding your sexual fulfillment makes this former Midwesterner more than a little verklempt.
And maybe worse than watching and voting and getting all verklempt during those cheesy "I'm goin' home" farewells when contestants get voted out, I'm also talking about "Idol" at work the next day.