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 (vûr′sĭ-kŭl′ər) also ver·si·col·ored (-kŭl′ərd)
1. Having a variety of colors; variegated.
2. Changing in color; iridescent.

[Latin : versus, past participle of vertere, to turn; see verse1 + color, color; see color.]
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Tinea versicolor (TV), a fungus which usually lives on the surface of the skin and can grow out of control.
Some of the most striking I have seen include Tulipa 'Ice Cream', Narcissus 'Replete' and Oxalis versicolor (pictured).
Trametes versicolor (formerly called Coriolus versicolor) is one of the most well-studied medicinal mushrooms.
Para cada tratamento foram utilizadas 36 pecas, sendo 12 para avaliacao de resistencia a fungo de podridao-branca (Trametes versicolor (Linnaeus ex Fries) Pilat), 12 para fungo de podridao-parda (Gloeophyllum trabeum (Persoon.
The benign form is characterized by flat, wart-like, hypopigmented or hyperpigmented papules resembling tinea versicolor, whereas the malignant form presents as verrucous and seborrheic keratosis-like lesions on sun-exposed surfaces, including the face, hands, and feet (6,9).
Results showed significant differences among the various clones in density as well as in resistance to fungi and termites, although none of the clones were resistant to Trametes versicolor.
Objective: To compare the efficacy of single dose of oral itraconazole 400mg with 1% topical clotrimazole in the treatment of pityriasis versicolor.
ABSTRACT: This study evaluated the toxicity, antimicrobial, and antimutagenicity potentials of the crude extracts prepared from the fruiting bodies of the mushroom, Coriolus versicolor (L.
He very logically called the tree "Arbor versicolor.
The cutaneous lesions are mainly flat warts, reddish-brown scaly macules resembling tinea versicolor or pityriasis rosea.
There is orange/red (pityriasis rosea, tinea versicolor, seborrheic dermatitis), deep red (cellulitis, Sweet's syndrome, acne scars, rosacea, psoriasis), purple/red (vasculitis, lichen planus (LP), veins, under-eye circles), brown /red (pigmented purpura, pigmented acne scars, sarcoid).
Amphibian species captured from cultivated land included Bufo stomaticus, Hoplobatrachu stigerinus and Euphlyctis cyanophlyctis, while reptiles included Varanus bengalensis, Amphiesma stolatum, Ptyas mucosus, Echis carinatus, Calotes versicolor, Bungarus caeruleus.