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(ˈvɜːsɪˌkʌlə) or




(ˈvɜːsɪˌkʌləd) or


(Colours) of variable or various colours
[C18: from Latin versicolor, from versāre to turn + color colour]
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It has also been reported15 that gelatine was observed to be optimum nitrogen source at which highest biomass production of the fungus Trametes versicolour was observed.
MAC Versicolour Stain is a product from the brand that I love.
(1999), found thatTrametes versicolour grown in a 1.0-L aerated stirred tank bioreactor under non-sterile conditions was capable of decolorizing polyvinylamine sulphonate anthrapyridone (Poly R-478) with the average dye elimination of 80% and it was achieved after 19-day cultivation.
The Iris data set contains 150 data points, four attributes: [X.sub.1] (sepal length), [X.sub.2] (sepal width), [X.sub.3] (petal length), [X.sub.4] (petal width) and three classes: Setosa (50 data points), Versicolour (50 data points), and Virginica (50 data points).
Five trials addressed skin diseases; second-degree burns [24], leg ulcers [25], tinea capitis and tinea versicolour [26], acne [27], and diabetes mellitus with foot ulcer [28] were each assessed by one study.
Biodegradation of phenols by lignolytic fungus Trametes versicolour. J.