vertical angle

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vertical angle
Angles 1 and 3 are vertical angles, as are angles 2 and 4.

vertical angle

Either of two angles formed by two intersecting lines and lying on opposite sides of the point of intersection.

ver′tical an′gle

one of two opposite and equal angles formed by the intersection of two lines.
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Noun1.vertical angle - either of two equal and opposite angles formed by the intersection of two straight linesvertical angle - either of two equal and opposite angles formed by the intersection of two straight lines
angle - the space between two lines or planes that intersect; the inclination of one line to another; measured in degrees or radians
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On comparing Hyderabad and Caucasian values, the Caucasian values were significantly greater, the total vertical angle had a mean value of 54.5 with a range of 47 to 62.
Then, after combining the antenna attenuation and the maximum antenna gain, the resultant antenna gain in dB scale for the nth user with horizontal angle [[phi].sub.n] and the vertical angle [[theta].sub.n] can be formulated as
In [10], a method for reducing the high correlation between the vertical angle correction and the vertical offset is proposed.
Instruments such as theodolites, tacheometers, total stations, laser scanners, laser trackers measure both horizontal and vertical angle values.
where D = distance, H = Height, and K = vertical angle of the target in mil.
The aspect ratio of a widescreen format is 1.78; the ratio between the horizontal and vertical angle of vision of a motionless human eye is 1.64; from this it can be seen that the aspect ratio of 16:9 format is closer to that of the human eye than that of 4:3 format.
The theodolite readings (horizontal and vertical angle) can be converted into longitude and latitude when exact theodolite position and height above sea level are known [18, 19].
It is expected that during this process variations on the vertical angle of x-ray incidence provide image distortion, hampering further comparative human identification (CAMARGO et al., 2007).
The jet slammed into the ground at an almost vertical angle after a 20-second nosedive during the go-around, according to data from flight recorders cited by MAK.
The brief video taken by an airport security camera showed the plane going down at high speed at a nearly vertical angle and then hitting the ground and exploding.
EMCORE Corporation has deployed the Multiplexed (MUXed) North Finder/Tracker Fiber Optic Gyro (FOG) designed for the next generation of Precision Azimuth Vertical Angle Modules (PAVAMs) used in man-portable and tripod target locator systems.

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