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Noun1.vertical fin - a stabilizer that is part of the vertical tail structure of an airplanevertical fin - a stabilizer that is part of the vertical tail structure of an airplane
stabilizer - airfoil consisting of a device for stabilizing an aircraft
vertical tail - the vertical airfoil in the tail assembly of an aircraft
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The tendency of the whole affair to roll was partly corrected by a horizontal lateral fin on either side, and steering was chiefly effected by two vertical fins, which normally lay back like gill-flaps on either side of the head.
A light-colored vertical fin that will frame views from the hotel facing east toward the Willamette River and Mount Hood remained in the final design.
The new plant would manufacture two of the most complex work packages that include the horizontal tail plane for the Airbus A320 and the vertical fin for BoeingEe's B787 airliners.
Strata is already Boeing's first direct composites supplier in the Arab world and is currently delivering 777 empennage ribs and 787 vertical fin ribs.
When the repair let loose, it blew off the vertical fin rising out of the tail.
Set up in 2010 by Mubadala Development Company, Strata manufactures A330/340 flap track fairings, A330/340 aileron panels with assemblies, A330/340 spoilers, A380 flap track fairings, Boeing 777 ribs, Boeing 787 ribs and the ATR vertical fin.
A seasoned National Transportation Safety Board investigator and consultant, Vernon Grose, revealed that his preliminary assessment pointed that if the plane disintegrated, he would expect to find large pieces of wreckage, including the wings, the horizontal stabilizer in the tail and the vertical fin.
In addition to the painting process (stripping, sanding, painting and coating of the fuselage, vertical fin, stabilizer, engines and wings) the contract involves creating the technical drawings for 777-200 livery.
The tail section broke apart, and both horizontal stabilizers and the vertical fin separated from the aircraft.
In addition to being used for maneuvering the aircraft, the stinger keeps the vertical fin from impacting the ground during landings.
As previously announced, Strata Manufacturing, a Mubadala subsidiary, is also positioned to be a supplier of the 787 Dreamliner vertical fin.

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