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When Chuck Stouffer, an aerospace engineer with NAWCAD's Propulsion and Power Engineering Department, discovered the FABLAB's large 3-D printers during a three-day open house last June, he knew he could use them to solve a nagging problem the F/A-18E-F Super Hornet fleet was experiencing with the air vents on the jet's vertical stabilizers.
However, not all situations of losing the vertical stabilizer resulted in a total disaster.
PPG's Mojave, California, paint experts mixed DESOTHANE HS 8000 topcoat in Carrington Pearl Blue, which was applied over white Desothane HS 8800 topcoat in a gradated luminescent horizontal stripe on the fuselage, along the vertical stabilizer leading edge and across the engine cowling.
For HCL Technologies, changing the vertical stabilizer from aluminum, which resists impact well, to composites was challenging because composites are more brittle than metal and more vulnerable to impact, said P.
But a video posted on the Air Force website apparently of the same object was titled "Vertical Stabilizer Found."
5/11/2011 E-2C+ Tow tractor impacted outboard starboard vertical stabilizer on the flight line.
He conveyed the concern that any ice formation on the rotodome could break off during the takeoff roll or while in flight, severely damaging the aircraft's vertical stabilizer, rudder, or flight controls making the aircraft uncontrollable.
The Eugene resident's kit-built airplane, a yet-to-be-flown Van RV-8 dubbed the "American Angel," sports airbrushed angels from the boots on the two main landing gear to the belly, the wing tops, the vertical stabilizer and even inside the baggage compartment.
Bombardier Aerospace Mexico's manufacturing responsibility for the Learjet 85 aircraft program includes fuselage lay-up and sub-system installation, wiring harness fabrication and installation, wing assembly, and horizontal and vertical stabilizer assemblies.
For piston aircraft, the Garmin 1000 has the upward-pointing arrow acting as if it were attached to the top of the vertical stabilizer; it moves as the aircraft moves.
The other plane also had its vertical stabilizer partially damaged, while the windshield for the pilot's seat was broken.
titanium side panel casting made by Boeing for the F-22 fighter jet, to helping the National Transportation Safety Board determine whether or not delamination of the vertical stabilizer on American Airlines flight 587 was the cause for its fatal crash in New York in November of 2001.