vertical surface

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Noun1.vertical surface - a surface that is verticalvertical surface - a surface that is vertical    
face - a vertical surface of a building or cliff
surface - the outer boundary of an artifact or a material layer constituting or resembling such a boundary; "there is a special cleaner for these surfaces"; "the cloth had a pattern of red dots on a white surface"
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No other sound came from it, and lifting his hand and advancing a step or two, Clare felt the vertical surface of the structure.
He said: "A small garden may have a larger vertical surface area than ground space - a wall, fence or hedge - which can be adorned with climbing plants, or add storage with cupboard-like structures."
We recorded snails crawling on both a horizontal and a vertical surface. We found that when they crawled on a horizontal surface, foot length was positively correlated with pedal wavelength and crawling speed, but was not correlated with wave frequency.
The only sure way to avoid runs on a vertical surface is to spray on a light coat and give it a little drying time before the next.
Once we arrived on-scene, our rescue swimmer reported four small specks on a vertical surface, barely visual in the faint ambient light.
The unit mounts on any vertical surface, saving valuable factory floor space.
Reference [5] discussed mixed convection boundary layer flow over a vertical surface for the Darcy model when viscosity varies inversely as a linear variation of temperature.
Fascinated by spiders and intrigued by the contradictory research work, Dr Rind began her project with students Benjamin-James Duncan, Luke Birkett and Alexander Ranken to test how well three Chilean rose tarantulas kept their footing on a vertical surface.
The iconostasis--the screen wall between the sanctuary and the altar area--is the one vertical surface that is articulated in great detail, featuring hand-painted, gilded icons, representative of the separation of heaven and earth.
The case of vertical surface loads in the second phase of manoeuvring is typical of maximal torque moment of the fin with a combination of maximal shear force.
Split Flange Mounts are designed for between-frame mounting or mounting on a vertical surface. Supporting the shaft end rigidly, the Rigid Mount is often selected for applications with heavy loads and long-shafted rolls.
Vines add interest to any vertical surface, be it a wall with supports attached or an arch or pergola.