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Noun1.vertical tail - the vertical airfoil in the tail assembly of an aircraft
aerofoil, airfoil, control surface, surface - a device that provides reactive force when in motion relative to the surrounding air; can lift or control a plane in flight
rudder - a hinged vertical airfoil mounted at the tail of an aircraft and used to make horizontal course changes
empennage, tail assembly, tail - the rear part of an aircraft
tail fin, tailfin, vertical fin, vertical stabiliser, vertical stabilizer - a stabilizer that is part of the vertical tail structure of an airplane
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Another distinctive feature of the helicopter is its single-rotor design with a multi-blade anti-torque rotor ducted into the vertical tail fin, which was used on Russian helicopters in Russia for the first time.
There's also the tailBeacon, a similar gadget that mounts on the vertical tail on airplanes with tail-mounted position lamps.
The model features a large chrome grille, a very prominent and strong shoulder line, sharp vertical tail lamps, interiors with space for seven occupants, climate control with vents for the second row, a touchscreen infotainment system with DVD playback and covered and uncovered storage spaces across all three rows.
Behind, vertical tail lamps mirror the front, connected by a broad chrome garnish strip.
From its headlamps and triple-band LED Daytime Running Lamps to its threesegment vertical tail lamps with intriguing "Stardust" technology, long-lasting and energy-efficient LEDs accomplish every exterior lighting function.
The silhouette of a black cat with dull brown eyes occupies the center of the painting, its vertical tail visually mimicking the upward gestures of the exotic vegetation around it.
The aircraft is 238 feet from nose to tail and stands 50 feet tall from the ground to the top of the vertical tail. And if that does not already give you an idea of how big the Stratolaunch is, it can hold up a takeoff weight of 1,300,000 pounds, meaning it's capable of carrying payloads up to approximately 550,000 pounds.
The tall vertical tail light clusters have been carried on from the original model, despite the design having been copied by other makers.
R&D projects underway include robotic automation technologies in the manufacturing and assembly of large composite structures such as ailerons and Vertical Tail Planes (VTPs).
Currently, R&D projects underway include robotic automation technologies in manufacturing of large structures such as Ailerons and Vertical Tail Planes.
We really did quite well." A brief summary of the integrated technology demonstrations completed by the ERA researchers: Tiny embedded nozzles blowing air over the surface of an airplane's vertical tail fin showed that future aircraft could safely be designed with smaller tails, reducing weight and drag.

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