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A circular arrangement, as of flowers, leaves, or hairs, growing about a central point; a whorl.

[Latin verticillus, the whorl of a spindle, diminutive of vertex, vertic-, highest point; see vertex.]
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(Biology) biology a circular arrangement of parts about an axis, esp leaves around a stem
[C18: from Latin verticillus whorl (of a spindle), from vertex]
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(ˈvɜr tə sɪl)

a whorl of leaves around a point on an axis.
[1695–1705; < Latin verticillus spindle whorl derivative of vertex vertex]
ver•tic•il•late (vərˈtɪs ə lɪt, -ˌleɪt, ˌvɜr təˈsɪl eɪt, -ɪt)
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 a number or set of organs or parts of items arranged in a circle or round an axis, 1793.
Examples: verticil of beads, 1703; of branches, 1881; of leaves, 1872.
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Noun1.verticil - a whorl of leaves growing around a stemverticil - a whorl of leaves growing around a stem
curl, curlicue, gyre, ringlet, scroll, whorl, coil, roll - a round shape formed by a series of concentric circles (as formed by leaves or flower petals)
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8 (leaf shape and size are similar to those of Annularia fertilis, but Wood's specimen possesses more leaves per verticil).
153) noted only the differences in leaf length in a verticil, and (on p.
COMPARISONS: Annularia spinulosa (= Annularia stellata) has 16 to 32 leaves per verticil with 25-45 mm length.
Annularia spicata has smaller, oblong leaves, with pointed apices; there are also fewer leaves per verticil in Annularia spicata.
This species also has more leaves in a verticil (20-24); these are longer and wider than those of Annularia pseudostellata.
However, the holotype of Annularia radiata has a greater number of leaves per verticil (up to 16) than is the case for Annularia ramosa; they are also longer (20-22 mm), with a greater length/ breadth ratio.
Annularia radiata has more leaves per verticil (12-16); although these leaves, like those of Annularia ramosa, are linear-lanceolate and in isophyllous verticils, they are longer.
4) figured two specimens of Annularia with very long, thin leaves, more than 20 per verticil, from two different localities at Springhill, Cumberland Basin, Nova Scotia.
1A): 12-segmented, relatively short, if bent backward not extending to the stalk of halters; scape black, elongated, cylindrical; pedicel black, very short, cup-shaped; flagellum black, long-cylindrical, basally expanded, each of flagellomere subequal in length; verticils black, dorsal verticils subequal to the corresponding flagellomeres from which they arise.
The conidiophores consisted of terminal divaricate verticils and metullae originated from apex of conidiophores in groups of 4-5 bearing phialids arranged in verticils of 4-6.
The combination of a spiciform inflorescence with a fragile rachis, bearing verticils of 4-6 spikelets, the spikelets with single unisexual flowers, the pistillate ones disarticulating below the glumes, along with a set of other unifying features, is good evidence that Parianeae represent a natural group (Clayton & Renvoize, 1986; Hollowell, 1987).