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 (vûr′tĭ-sĭl′ĭt, -āt′) also ver·ti·cil·lat·ed (-sĭl′ā′tĭd)
Arranged in or forming whorls or a whorl.

ver′ti·cil′late·ly adv.
ver′ti·cil·la′tion n.
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(vɜːˈtɪsɪlɪt; -ˌleɪt; ˌvɜːtɪˈsɪleɪt) or


(Biology) biology having or arranged in whorls or verticils
verˈticillately adv
verˌticilˈlation n
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Adj.1.verticillate - forming one or more whorls (especially a whorl of leaves around a stem)verticillate - forming one or more whorls (especially a whorl of leaves around a stem)
cyclic - forming a whorl or having parts arranged in a whorl; "cyclic petals"; "cyclic flowers"
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Some of my favorites are the aptly named winterberries (Ilex verticillate).
These plants are floating aquatic macrophytes, originating in South America, acaules, rhizomatous and, under favorable conditions, form an enormous vegetative mass on the water surface (Pitelli et al., 2014), especially Salvinia recognized by verticillate fronds, of which two are floating, whole and green and one submerged, with many divisions, like a no chlorophyll root (Prado, 2006).
The male flowers are subglobose 1 mm in diameter and are in ovoid axillary kittens or fixed in short stitches; the female flowers are globular, small with thin scales verticillate by three, welded at the base.