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 (vĕ-sĭk′yə-lər, və-)
1. Of or relating to vesicles.
2. Composed of or containing vesicles.
3. Having the form of a vesicle.

ve·sic′u·lar·ly adv.


(vəˈsɪk yə lər)

1. of or pertaining to a vesicle or vesicles.
2. having the form of a vesicle.
3. characterized by or consisting of vesicles.
[1705–15; < New Latin]
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Adj.1.vesicular - of or relating to or involving vesiclesvesicular - of or relating to or involving vesicles; "normal vesicular breathing"
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Pattern of non infectious vesiculous and vesiculopustular skin disease in a large tertiary care hospital.
Table 1: Subtypes of herpes virus Subtypes Type of Growth anti Latency Manifestation Herpes Virus Alpha--herpes HSV-1 Fast growing Vesiculous lesions viruses HSV-2 pattern, lyse in skin or mucosa vzv infected cells and remain latent in sensory nerve ganglia.
In the regenerating ovaries, the ovigerous lamellae showed oogonia nests and perinucleolar follicles, with oocytes presenting basophilic cytoplasm, a central vesiculous nucleus and several peripheral nucleoli (Figure 1A).