A garment worn by women as a blouse front under a sweater or jacket.

[From vest.]


1. (Law) a person having a vested interest in something
2. (Clothing & Fashion) a type of blouse or top worn by women under a sweater or jacket
3. (Clothing & Fashion) a decorative, false waistcoat or vest attached to a shirt



a decorative, vestlike front piece worn under a woman's jacket.
[1905–10; vest (n.) + -ee, sp. variant of -y2]
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118) Vesting rights in the Crown (or its agencies) over land or natural resources may extinguish native title, but again it requires close examination of the rights given to the vestee and, so it appears, whether the vesting conveyed a legal estate in fee simple to a body or person as trustee of a public trust) (119) The construction of public works can itself be an extinguishing act.