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 (vĕs′tē-ĕr′ē, -chē-)
Of or relating to clothes.
n. pl. ves·ti·ar·ies
A dressing room, cloakroom, or vestry.

[Latin vestiārius, from vestis, garment; see vest. N., from Middle English vestiarie, from Old French, from Medieval Latin vestiārium, from Latin, wardrobe, from neuter of vestiārius, of clothes.]


n, pl -aries
obsolete a room for storing clothes or dressing in, such as a vestry
(Clothing & Fashion) rare of or relating to clothes
[C17: from Late Latin vestiārius, from vestis clothing]


(ˈvɛs tiˌɛr i)

pertaining to garments or vestments.
[1615–25; < Medieval Latin vestiārius, derivative of Latin vesti(s) (see vest)]


 a room in which clothes are kept, hence, a collection of clothes, 1450.
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Adj.1.vestiary - relating to clothing (especially vestments)vestiary - relating to clothing (especially vestments)
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We notice that the Romanian countries have become a space of vestiary interference, in which the tradition and novelty imports coexist.
producing creative industries of active intangibles (intermediate inputs): design (interior, graphic, vestiary, industrial); publicity; architecture; creative research-development;
In this instance of a translation from an external vesting to something "radically inward" there is a cost, a "narrowing and a personalizing of the power of the vestiary symbol which no longer has even a separably or externally actualized form.