scala vestibuli

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scala ves·tib·u·li

n. pl. scalae ves·tib·u·lo·rum (-lôr′əm)
The uppermost of the three divisions of the spiral cavity winding around the modiolus of the cochlea in the inner ear. It is filled with perilymph and receives vibrations from the stapes.

[New Latin scāla vestibulī : Latin scāla, staircase (from its spiral structure ) + Latin vestibulī, genitive of vestibulum, vestibule.]
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Also, it does not explain the unilateral vestibular canal paresis seen in some patients.
19) Although it actually arises peripherally within the vestibular canal, it typically expands centrally and compresses other nerves centrally, which can make the clinical diagnosis more challenging if one were using the classical schema of differentiating between peripheral and central causes of vertigo.

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