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1. A grass (Vetiveria zizanioides syn. Chrysopogon zizanioides) of tropical India, often planted to control erosion and widely cultivated for its aromatic roots, which yield an oil used in perfumery.
2. The essential oil obtained from the roots of this plant. Also called vetivert.

[French vétiver, from Tamil veṭṭivēr : veṭṭi, worthless + vēru, useless.]


1. (Plants) a tall hairless grass, Vetiveria zizanioides, of tropical and subtropical Asia, having aromatic roots and stiff long narrow ornamental leaves
2. (Plants) the root of this plant used for making screens, mats, etc, and yielding a fragrant oil used in perfumery, medicine, etc
[C19: from French vétiver, from Tamil vettivẽru]


(ˈvɛt ə vər)

1. the long, fibrous roots of an East Indian grass, Vetiveria zizanioides, used for making hangings and screens and in perfumery.
2. the grass itself.
[1840–50; < Tamil veṭṭivēr]
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There might only be like five people ever that are super deep into Vetiver (not hating, just saying) and to be honest this covers album is not their best showing, but sometimes that doesn't matter.
Vetiver is in that nebulous genre of acoustic experimentalists, "freak folk." And its band leader is a close associate of the music's poster boy, Devendra Banhart.
The albums drew much praise, and Banhart found himself crowned prince of a burgeoning music scene critics dubbed "freak-folk," which included Joanna Newsom, Vetiver, Antony and the Johnsons, and Coco Rosie, among others.
JASPER CONRAN'S room fragrances at Debenhams include warm scents like Vetiver and Cashmere Musk, a sensual aura for bedroom and bathroom or Lemon Verbena and Ginger for living rooms.
Appropriate essential oils are stabilizing and harmonizing, bringing out the qualities of the Center and the Earth Element: oils such as cardamon and vetiver.
The company does not own any of the land that supplies it with vetiver. It gets the roots used for producing perfume essence from local growers.
The goal of the experiment was to optimize this process, specifically phytoextraction with Vetiver grass (Vetiveria zizanioides) in lead contaminated soil.
And grass roots -- or more specifically the soil fixing properties of the grass plant, vetiver -- are playing a crucial role in the conservation efforts that secured Manteca a Rolex Award for Enterprise in 2000.
Vetiver is a warm season grass and grows rapidly during June through August, generally reaching heights of two meters or more.
But a tall, stiff grass called vetiver, which grows into a dense hedge when planted in lines along the contours of slopes, can slow runoff and prevent soil from washing oil slopes, according to "Vetiver Grass," an NRC report released in late January,
In India in 1988, two World Bank agriculturalists extolled the virtues of using live hedges of vetiver grass (Vetiveria zizanioides) for controlling water erosion and argued their merits over U.S.
Summary: This report provides prediction and investigation of the vetiver oil market.