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n. pl. vex·il·la (vĕk-sĭl′ə)
1. A usually square banner hung from a crossbar on a staff, used as a military standard in ancient Rome.
2. Botany See standard.
3. Zoology The weblike part of a feather; the vane.

[Latin, banner; akin to vēlum, sail.]


n, pl -la (-lə)
1. (Zoology) ornithol the vane of a feather
2. (Botany) botany another name for standard16
[C18: from Latin: banner, perhaps from vēlum sail]
ˈvexillary, vexˈillar adj
ˈvexillate adj


(vɛkˈsɪl əm)

n., pl. vex•il•la (vɛkˈsɪl ə)
1. a standard or flag carried by ancient Roman troops.
3. Ornith. vane (def. 5).
[1720–30; < Latin of vēlum sail]


1. a military Standard or banner carried by ancient Roman troops.
2. the men serving under such a banner.
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Individuals from Sangha-Mbaere are closely related to Chlidonoptera vexillum, which was described from Cameroon and is known from other regions of Central Africa, and Chlidonoptera lestoni which to date is known only from Ghana.
ne dimissis quidem finem esse militiae, sed apud vexillum
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+5 RACE RATING h 8 Sep 28 Newton Abbot 2m1f Hcp Hdl 1.Bulletproof 2.Bumble Bay 3.Hold The Fort 10 ran Record of first five: 2 wins from 4 runs - Bulletproof, Vexillum = +4 Record of last five: 1 win from 4 runs - East Hill = +1 Total record: 3 wins from 8 runs (37%) for a profit of +PS21 to PS1 levels.
4 mm longus, dense nigro-strigosus; corolla luteo-viridula, vexillum obovatum 9-11 mm longum; stamina 6-7 mm longa; fructus sessilis deflexus oblongus rectus vel fere rectus, 10-13 mm longus, luteolus strigosus omnino bilocularis, ex apice dehiscens; semina plerumque 4 per loculum, 1.5-1.8 mm longa opaca.
Lo que sucede es que esa cruz y su vexillum tenian tambien una tradicion asociada a la victoria en la tradicion politica desde el Imperio romano cristiano.
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And it was volunteers in a community-based monitoring program in Sitka who discovered one of the most dangerous of Alaska's known marine invasive species, the glove leather tunicate (Didemnum vexillum).
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