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tr.v. vexed, vex·ing, vex·es
1. To irritate, bother, or frustrate: was vexed at the slow pace of reform. See Synonyms at annoy.
2. To cause perplexity in; baffle: "the mathematical, biological, and meteorological problems that vexed and intrigued him all the days of his life" (Robin Marantz Henig).
3. To cause difficulty or trouble to: "He was determined to lay to rest the problem that had most vexed his presidency" (James Carroll).
4. To cause pain or physical distress to; afflict: "O Lord, heal me; for my bones are vexed" (King James Bible).

[Middle English vexen, from Old French vexer, from Latin vexāre; see wegh- in Indo-European roots.]

vex′ed·ly (vĕk′sĭd-lē) adv.
vex′er n.
vex′ing·ly adv.
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Priyanka shared a video posted by a journalist, that featured a woman vexingly complaining to Rahul about the situation in Kashmir who is on board a flight in the clip.
He'd jumped bail and fled to northern Pretoria, but it was vexingly difficult to catch and prosecute him - until a scientist helped make the case against him with rhino DNA.
To read Laura and Lizzie not just as twins but also in light of the deeply rooted belief that twins were two separate beings who added up to one complete human, and to do so with knowledge of Rossetti's adherence to the Doctrine of Analogy, offers a chance to reconcile the poem with its vexingly simply coda.
This level of aggregate data is vexingly hard to obtain and, even if it were fluid, criminal networks and insurgencies are dynamic.
"A lot of people are dealing with the aftermath." For Republican candidates in contested states like Virginia, the fact that everything revolves around Trump raises two vexingly opposite scenarios: Every day brings the potential for a Trump tempest that could alter the election by riling Democrats - or by energising Republicans.
However, measuring the notion of security can be vexingly difficult.
These works are derived from a serial logic that provides a mechanism and reserve of intersecting irregular geometric shapes to be endlessly recontextualized and recycled; the resultant combinations evoke diagrams but are vexingly devoid of clues to their significance.
Perhaps most vexingly, this enthymeme is usually proffered in response to gun control advocacy, but it does not actually attack the substance of any proposed gun control legislation.
From a Western perspective, it is not even clear what policies a Syrian intervention would be designed to achieve; no other global conflict more vexingly pits humanitarianism against national security.
One of the most vexingly inconsistent features of the sound pattern of German is the elusive relation between vowel quality and vowel length.