Via Dolorosa

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Vi·a Do·lo·ro·sa

 (vī′ə dō′lə-rō′sə, vē′ə)
1. A difficult course or experience.
2. Jesus's route from Pilate's judgment hall to Calvary.

[New Latin via dolōrōsa : Latin via, road + Late Latin dolōrōsa, feminine of dolōrōsus, sorrowful.]

Via Dolorosa

(ˈviːə ˌdɒləˈrəʊsə)
1. (Bible) the route followed by Christ from the place of his condemnation to Calvary for his crucifixion
2. an arduous or distressing course or experience
[Latin, literally: sorrowful road]
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She was well aware that directly Mrs Neale received her money she went round the corner to drink ardent spirits in a mean and musty public-house - the unavoidable station on the VIA DOLOROSA of her life.