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1. or vi·at·ic (vī-ăt′ĭk) Of or relating to traveling, a road, or a way.
2. Of or relating to a contractual arrangement in which a business buys life insurance policies from terminally ill patients for a percentage of the face value: a viatical settlement.

[From Latin viāticus, relating to a journey, from via, road; see via. Sense 2, from viaticum.]


1. of or denoting a road or a journey
2. (Botany) botany (of a plant) growing by the side of a road
[C19: from Latin viāticus belonging to a journey + -al1]


(vaɪˈæt ɪ kəl, vi-)
1. of or pertaining to a viaticum.
2. of or pertaining to
a form of insurance business that pays off on the insurance policies of the terminally ill.
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Adj.1.viatical - pertaining to the purchase of insurance policies from terminally ill policy holders; "viatical business"; "viatical companies"; "National Viatical Association"
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Moss Point Financial is a revolutionary company committed to its groundbreaking approach to Life and Viatical Settlements Investing.
This article will address how CPAs can help individuals plan for long-term senior care, discussing the available options such as long-term-care insurance (LTCI) and partnership plans, some of the new "hybrid policies" that combine life insurance and long-term care benefits, accelerated benefits riders for life insurance policies, life and viatical settlements of insurance policies, reverse mortgages, congregate Care communities, and Medicaid planning.
OKLAHOMA CITY Asset Servicing Group, an Oklahoma City-based life settlement and viatical servicing firm, has been sold to Moritz Roever, who has also taken the position of managing director at ASG.
Prior to founding Trinity, Holan served as vice president for a brokerage firm that specialised in viatical life settlements.
The term "viatical" is used to connote policies sold by individuals with short life expectancies (less than 2 years) and "life settlements" is used to connote policies sold by individuals with longer life expectances (and typically larger face values).
V-a viatical advances,luncheon vouchers without the series numbered 475,000 375.001,v-c viaticum constancia,v-l series without clearance viaticum,1-d1 receipt of contributions etc.
At about the time Bill was both frustrated and motivated by his brother's experience, he learned that Terrell was researching mortality data for a hedge fund that was heavily invested in viatical settlements.
Active since 1995, Life Insurance Buyers provides terminally ill patients with guidance on the brokerage of viatical and life settlements, which involve the sale for cash of an existing life insurance policy for terminally or chronically ill individuals at a discount from its face value.
Now that the HIV pandemic appears to be substantially reduced, one would think that these programs, which were called "viatical settlements," would disappear.
This is the viatical industry--a market in the life insurance policies of people diagnosed with terminal conditions.
The sticky residue from the days of viatical settlements and associations (real or imagined) with stranger-owned life insurance has dogged the life settlement business for years.